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Josh Groban – Broken Vow


Intro: C-Am-F-Em7-A7-Dm-F-G-C

tell me your name i want to know
the way she looks and where you go
F Em7 A7 Dm
i need to see her face i need to understand
why you and i come to an end

Verse: Do cp verse
tell me again i want to hear
who broke my faith in all these years
who lays with you at night when
im here all alone remembring when i
was your own

Am Em
i’ll let you go, i’ll let you fly
F F#dim7 E
why do i keep on asking why
Am F Em
i’ll let you go now that i found
F G Am
a way to keep somehow
Fm G Am
more than a broken vow

Cp verse
tell me the words i never said
give me the tears ayour neer shed
give me the touch that one you promised
to be mine
or it has vanished for all time


i close my eyes
Am Dm G
and dream of you and i until i realize
Am B
there’s more to life the only

betterness and lies i close my eyes
F Em7 A7
i’d give away my soul to hold you once
Dm F G
again and never let this promise end